About Us
  • We are members of the National Ground Water Association
    and the Wisconsin Well Drillers’ Association.

  • We are fully licensed and insured and offer FREE on-site

  • We offer residential, commercial and geothermal drilling
    services in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.

  • Our rig, is a S-40 Kenworth Drilltech with a  500 HP CAT
    diesel engine with a 1150 CFM (cubic ft. / min.) air
    compressor.  We believe this machine can drill a cleaner
    and straighter well than others in this area.

  • We utilize state Well Construction Reports for geology
    information when drilling to better serve our customers.   
    The reports give us access to any well drilled in Wisconsin
    or Iowa to help us estimate jobs and predict the depths of
    the rock formations we will encounter when drilling.  
Jeff and Fran Faherty - 4th and 3rd Generation Well Drillers
Faherty & Son Well DrillingLLC
Quality since 1892